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Recommendations for Trans*-Inclusive Healthcare

In the Spring of 2022, a group of trans* researchers came together to think about some of the challenges that young people face in accessing gender-affirming therapies within the NHS services of England.

Through engaging in a series of Participatory Action Research workshops, the research team developed seven recommendations that invite those working in healthcare settings to examine their own practice and address the obstacles that limit young trans* people’s access to medical services. It is their hope that these suggestions will begin a conversation, with the document becoming an ever-expanding living document that can inspire change for safer environments for trans* people in healthcare settings.

While the recommendations are primarily targeted towards healthcare workers (e.g. GPs, therapists, nurses, receptionists, and researchers), we believe everyone striving to create trans*-inclusive environments would benefit from engaging with our suggestions.

You can download the recommendations here:

For more information about the recommendations or the wider project, please email [email protected]

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