Our approach

Our approach

We collectively co-create ways of working that support system change in research, education and training, and public engagement. We work together as partners to tackle inequities in what gets researched; whose voices are heard; how training and career pipelines are navigated and what evidence is valued. We centre the lived experience of marginalised communities to challenge ‘deficit’ narratives and instigate solutions that confront health and social inequalities.

Guiding Principles

Why we co-produce

We envision a world where everyone attains their full potential for health and well-being. A world where health and social institutions serve diverse individuals equally, and professionals support healthy, productive lives in every community.

Structural inequalities create unfair, unjust allocations of care. They determine what gets researched, whose voices are heard, who gets trained, who takes authority, and who benefits from public investments.

Our collective addresses health and social inequities and puts marginalised communities at the centre of our work. We listen to individuals, value their experience, and strive for social justice through collaboration and ethical, human-centred solutions.

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