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About our research

The HSE Collective is based in King’s College London’s Health Inequalities Research Group (HIRG) which focuses on discrimination and other forms of social adversity; community mental health; inequalities in mental health and health services. We are also connected to the Health Inequalities Research Network Health Inequalities Research Network (HERON) which works towards reducing health inequalities through integrated research, evaluation and engagement activities and supports a variety of projects that highlight health inequalities using different forms of media such as art, photography, performance and podcasting. We are especially interested in using participatory approaches, co-production, peer research and mixed methods approaches.

Health Inequalities Research Group (HIRG)

  • The Health Inequalities Research Group (HIRG) is a network of researchers, students, academics, clinicians, and others with shared interests in health and social equity. We meet every other month to discuss the latest research conducted by a member of the group or an external researcher. 
  • We also host the sub-group HIRG Peer Support and Reflective Practice which aims to provide a safe space for researchers, clinicians and community engagement coordinators to support one another, share resources and discuss ongoing projects. 
  • The group have co-produced a HIRG Directory which lists individuals who can share their skills and experience across a range of academic, clinical and community settings. Members can use the Directory to connect with other researchers who have expertise in certain research topics, methods and skills (e.g. quantitative data analysis software, qualitative data analysis techniques, participatory action research, referencing software, public engagement, funding applications and teaching experience). 
  • Periodically, we hold HIRG Career Development Workshops where the team (across all levels from MSc students to senior leaders) answers questions, provide advice and share experiences and resources with attendees in small groups. 

Research projects

Our partners are working on a range of projects with other members of the Collective, as well as external partners. We aim to amplify and develop their emerging or existing projects to develop and enhance inclusive practice such as, collaborative priority setting, partnership development, co-design, ethical practices, co-production and capacity building.

These are some examples of the projects being co-led by the Health Inequalities Research Group, which forms part of the Collective.

We emphasise social justice by centring the lived experience of marginalised communities to challenge ‘deficit’ narratives prevalent within our sectors, and ultimately to instigate fair, impactful and human-centred solutions that confront the systems which sustain health and social inequalities locally, regionally and globally.

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