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Ways to contribute

Community Engagement and Advocacy

Education, Training & Capacity Development

Community Research and Evidence Generation

Who can get involved?

We welcome anyone interested in tackling persistent health and social inequities while centring the lived experience of marginalised communities and challenging ‘deficit’ narratives.

How would it benefit?

The overarching goal of this collaboration is to facilitate joint action across sectors to enhance their impact. As a Collective we can:

  • Pool resources and expertise to broaden the impact and reach of research, training, community engagement, and advocacy
  • Mutually develop new resources, and enhance existing ones linked to health and social equity engagement, action and research
  • Support communication and advocacy
  • Embed Collective ways of working within our roles and promote sustainability through capacity-building, mentoring and partnership development

What would my role be?

There are no member fees of any kind, however, roles and responsibilities could include:
  • To centre the interests and voices of people with lived experience of health and social inequities
  • To help embed Collective ways of working in your role
  • To actively contribute to group meetings reflections sessions and outputs
  • To develop partnerships with other researchers, advocates and educators across higher education institutions, community organisations and healthcare services, nationally and internationally, to expand reach and impact
  • To maintain confidentiality around shared personal experiences in the space

How to get involved

We are interested in engaging communities, particularly those with lived experience of health and social inequalities. If you are an individual, researcher and/or community organisation interested in any aspect of our work, please contact our team at [email protected].

Have your say

Please use the comment box below to anonymously feedback on any aspect of the Collective, or have your say by sharing your thoughts in relation to Health and Social Equity or about what is happening in your community. 

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