About us

The Health and Social Equity Collective consists of researchers, community leaders, policymakers, and health professionals responding to persistent social and health inequities.

What we do

We aim to address inequity by identifying and engaging the levers of change within and across institutions. Specifically, using research to build a more inclusive knowledge base and translating it into individual and policy awareness; tackling entrenched inequalities in education, training, and capacity-building; and centring communities affected by health inequities through engagement and advocacy.

Our core principles


Equity means fairness and justice. Where were you born? What are your different identities? What life experiences have you had? We aim for a just society that offers everyone the opportunities, resources and support they need to lead healthy lives.


Reciprocity means building mutually beneficial relationships. By valuing the knowledge, experience, time and energy you give, we aim to ensure everyone benefits by working together. 


People, organisations and circumstances change over time. We aim to develop lasting relationships that grow over time to build trust and mutually beneficial relationships. 

Impact we want to create

The Health & Social Equity Collective envisions a world where everyone has access to the resources necessary for healthy lives. We want to create inclusive, sustainable, and interdisciplinary ways of working along with the ideological shifts required to support system change. This means dismantling structures which perpetuate inequities by determining what gets researched; whose voices are heard; how training and career pipelines are navigated and what evidence is valued.

We emphasise social justice by centring the lived experience of marginalised communities to challenge ‘deficit’ narratives prevalent within our sectors, and ultimately to instigate fair, impactful and human-centred solutions that confront the systems which sustain health and social inequalities locally, regionally and globally.

Our latest work

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Funders & partners

Our funders and partners span across various sectors such as arts and culture, academia, health and social care, and voluntary and community sector organisations. We work together to develop creative solutions and equitable ways of working that effectively respond to social and health inequalities.

The Collective

Our Collective includes individuals with expertise in health and social equity from research, policy, community organisations, health and social care, arts & culture. We are partnering with these contributors from the organisations listed below.

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Our funders

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