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Ethnic Inequalities in Later Life

Ethnic inequalities in later life”, is funded by the Nuffield Foundation, and led by Laia Becares, working in collaboration with Dharmi Kapadia and James Nazroo (University of Manchester). This project builds on existing research that shows that people from ethnic minority groups experience poorer health and well-being throughout their lives. This research, being carried out between October 2019 to November 2023 provides in-depth exposure and understanding of the ethnic inequalities experienced in mental and physical health, well-being, and socio-economic circumstances by people aged 45 and older. The findings from the project aim to inform policymakers and social care providers of the tangible efforts that can be taken to improve healthy ageing. The project fills a gap in the literature and builds on a nascent understanding of the lives and circumstances of ethnic minority experiences in later life, including how accumulation to disadvantage and experiences of racial discrimination over the life course impacts on health.  

The study uses survey and census data to document the existence and persistence of ethnic inequities in health and socioeconomic position in later life. The research has been extended for an additional year (Nov 2022 to Nov 2023) to collaborate with ONS colleagues on analyses of new data linking ethnicity from the census to death register data.  

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